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Belyatskaya Anastasia Alexandrovna, Candidate of culture science, associate professor, sub-department of English language for professional communication, Ogarev Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaya street, Saransk, the Republic of Mordovia, Russia), 

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Background. In the modern globalizing world the results of intercultural com-munication are becoming more and more significant. The most important thing in intercultural communication is to choose the system of values for the global distribu-tion. The conflict of cultures and values is fully reflected in the textual linguistic cul-ture. The author sets a task to pay attention to the linguocultural interaction tenden-cies. The American linguocultural space has become the territory of unprecedented number of intercultural contacts. By the example of American short stories the struggle between traditional and western values for the place in the world cultural hierarchy is shown. The advantages of the traditional culture in creation of the glo-bal united linguocultural space are demonstrated.
Materials and methods. The author proposes the methodology of linguocultural text analysis. The text is viewed as a value matrix that reproduces certain models of interculture communication. The linguocultural text analysis is carried out by the example of a modern American short story (Reddi R. «Justice Shiva Ray Murphy», 2005).
Results. The short story analysed in the article creates the precedent for under-standing the contemporary situation of conflict between the traditional Eastern cul-ture and the modern American West. The examples of cultural values decoding are given in the analysis of the textual situation of the clash of cultures. The short story actualizes the problem of non-productive communication between the traditional Eastern culture and the contemporary West that declines basic cultural norms of tra-ditional linguocultures. And, as the author argues, it is the traditional cultures that form the universal system of values in the modern world.
Conclusions. The linguocultural analysis of the contemporary American short stories allowed to reveal the types of cultural interaction: assimilation, resistance and expansion. The cases of cultural assimilation occur more often. Together with that, however, there appear the precedents of alienation of the American way of life and the traditional immigrant‟s cultural norms, which gives a hope for the victory of all-human values in the global struggle of contemporary cultures.

Key words

textual linguistic culture, American short story, linguocultural inte-raction, global linguocultural space. 

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